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Welcome to Cashkr, your one-stop shop for reselling vintage game consoles. We recognise that as technology evolves, so will your gaming experience. That's why we provide a simple, fast, and efficient platform for selling your old gaming consoles.

Why Sell Your Old Game Console?

Gaming consoles evolve quickly. New versions with improved features are continually entering the market. What happens to your old console? It gathers dust, correct? Not any more! Cashkr offers you the possibility of turning your old gaming console into cash.

    How does it work?

    Selling your old game console with Cashkr is as simple as 1-2-3:
  • Quote: : Please provide us with information on your outdated gaming console. We will provide you with a quick quote.
  • Pick-up : 

    Request a free pick-up at your leisure. Our representative will come to your home to retrieve the console.

  • Payment : Once we have received and inspected the console, we will transfer the agreed-upon payment to your account.

Which Consoles Do We Accept?

We accept a wide selection of gaming consoles, from the original PlayStation and Xbox to the most recent Nintendo Switch. We're interested in any console, whether it's ten years old or brand new!

    Why choose Cashkr?
  • Best Price Guarantee : We provide reasonable pricing for your old gaming consoles.
  • Easy Service : We offer free pick-up from your doorstep.
  • Quick Payment  : Get those Receive payment smoothly and securely.

So why wait? Turn your outdated game console into cash today with Cashkr!



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