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CashKr lets you sell your old drone.

Hello, and welcome to CashKr, the best place to sell your used drones. We know that as drone technology improves, your gear may become useless. That's why we provide an easy and quick way for you to sell your old drones.

Why give away your old drone?

Gaming consoles evolve quickly. New versions with improved features are continually entering the market. What happens to your old console? It gathers dust, correct? Not any more! CashKr offers you the possibility of turning your old gaming console into cash.

    How does it do its job?

    It's as easy as 1, 2, or 3 to sell your old drone with CashKr:
  • Quote : Just tell us a little about your old drone, and we'll give you a quick price.
  • Pick-up : 

    Set up a free pick-up time that works for you. Someone from our company will come to your place to pick up the drone.

  • Payment : We'll send the agreed-upon payment to your account as soon as we've received and checked the drone.

Which drones are allowed?

We take a lot of different kinds of drones, from cheap ones for beginners to high-end ones used by professionals. We'd be interested in your drone, whether it's a few years old or almost brand new.

    Why should you pick CashKr?
  • **Best Price Guarantee** : We can give you a good price for your old drones.
  • Free Pick-up : We'll come to your house and pick up your order for free.
  • Get paid quickly  : Payment handling should be easy and safe.

Why wait, then? CashKr can help you get cash for your old drone right now.



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